Customised fire-resistant flight suits help ease job stress

June 21, 2016Sola flame-resistant pilot suits

If firefighters, military personnel and pilots are three of the top 10 most stressful career choices available today, where on the scale does a firefighting pilot or military pilot sit? Off the chart, we’d suggest, and it’s because of the stresses that accompany those jobs that aviators require the comfort and security that come with the customised fire-resistant flight suits Søla Technical Clothing has created for pilots and flight crews.

The team behind our flame-resistant pilot suits, jackets and plants have first-hand experience spanning four decades in the emergency and military fields and have used that experience to design and create Søla  flame retardant and fire resistant flight suits.

They know how much of an emergency aviator’s time is spent on his or her knees treating and assisting those they’ve rescued or guiding winches and lines into rugged bush or rolling waves. Consequently Søla’s flight suits have extra invisible padding in the knees, providing comfort but without unsightly and uncomfortable bulk.

Watching the clock and working set hours is not an option for rescuers at the height of a crisis and a change of clothing is last on the list of priorities, but we know from experience that uncomfortable and ill-fitting flight suits only increase the tension. With this in mind we have taken many steps to ensure the comfort of our fire-resistant flight suits, starting with personalised sizing through to adjustable waist tabs and comfortable yet protective fire-resistant material.

The long hours and life-or-death nature of a rescuer’s work are stressful on many fronts, but also because rescuers themselves are often at risk as they go about their vital work. A chopper pilot battling a bushfire would take a lot of comfort from the knowledge that Søla’s fire-resistant helicopter pilot clothing would help keep him or her safe in the event of an emergency on their aircraft. We’ve worked closely with some of the world’s best-known companies, using their knowledge, resources and materials to make our garments safe, comfortable and durable, as well as affordable.

We know from hard-won experience why firefighters, pilots and people in the military have such stressful jobs and while we can’t remove most of that stress, we can take off some of the edge with our unique, well-fitting and protective fire-resistant and flame-retardant flight suits. Contact Søla Technical Clothing if you’d like just a little less stress and a lot more comfort in your day.