Medical Scrubs and surgical gowns COVID-19

March 27, 2020

Today SØLA Technical Clothing announce our decision to commence manufacture of Medical scrubs, Surgical Gowns and surgical face masks.

The current global climate with Coronavirus COVID-19 has seen a shortage of essential protective medical clothing like medical scrubs and surgical gowns for use by healthcare professionals in the fight against COVID-19. Many healthcare facilities such as hospitals and dedicated testing centres report a desperate need for supply of essential infection control products. In response to this global shortage we at SØLA Technical Clothing have moved quickly to commence manufacture of these essential items.

As a manufacturer of essential protective clothing for emergency services, we understand the critical nature of the current COVID-19 situation and are working around the clock to manufacture health care infection control PPE and envisage having medical scrubs, surgical gowns and face mask available within days.

Although our personal roots lie in Scandinavia (hence our name) we are very much an Australian company. Due to the wonderful support of our customers we are now opening a new manufacturing facility here in Australia which will see far greater volume and speedy manufacture and delivery of our products. This will include rapid manufacture and availability of our new medical products including medical scrubs, surgical gowns and surgical face masks.

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