About Us & Our Fire Resistant Pilot Suits


flame retardant flight suits

We are aviation professionals, just like you. Just like you we wear a flight suit to work and rely on it to keep us safe when we need it most. Just like you we value comfort, performance and innovation in the products we use and the clothes we wear.

It’s for this reason we decided to embark on making the best flame-resistant flight suits and flying clothing we could. We wanted to offer the aviation and emergency services industry a high-performance and value-for-money alternative. So here we are.

Søla… your new flight suit is here.

Our Suppliers

Søla Technical Clothing has some of the world’s most recognisable brands and best scientific and engineering brains behind its fire-resistant flight suits. DuPont, recognised globally for innovation and advancement, provides most of the safety features in Søla’s flame-resistant pilot pants, jackets and flight suits, with its  DuPont Nomex® III A fibre giving garments their fire and flame resistance and...

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